Ensure all of your different technologies work with each other.


Cloud Solutions

The cloud allows you to access files and work from anywhere. Through the sharing of resources to optimize your business’s performance, moving to the cloud can add life to your company’s computers by taking advantage of the cloud server’s processing power.

Old worries like RAM or hard drive space being eaten up by data-intensive programs are no longer an issue when you move to Partnered Solutions IT’s cloud because the network does all the heavy lifting. The cloud helps keep your employees on the same page when it comes to program versioning and ensures that your company’s critical information is safely backed up off-site and easily accessible in case of a disaster recovery event such as a fire, flood, or robbery.



Households aren’t the only ones that are saying goodbye to landlines. Using a broadband internet connection instead of a phone line, VoIP offers all of the same features as a landline with the added bonuses of video conferencing, reduced costs, call forwarding, and remote access.

If you’re looking to combine voice, data, and video into your business’s communication network, then look no further.


Custom App Development

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. That means that while an off-the-shelf application may be perfectly suited for one business, it may not meet all the requirements of the next. That’s where custom applications come in.

Our expert software developers will work with you to create the application of your dreams and will give your business a competitive edge.

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We allow our clients to maximize business productivity by leasing hardware straight from us.

When you lease any hardware through Partnered Solutions IT, we make sure that everything is wiped clean of any spyware or viruses so you can rest assured that your server, workstation, or laptop is fully protected.

We'll also provide you with a hardware lifecycle management plan.

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Office 365 | G Suite

As a licensed Microsoft dealer, we have extensive experience working with their applications. We provide day to day management, ensuring everything is properly installed and running. We also host your email server and manage your Active Directory.

Office 365 and G Suite are fully HIPAA compliant productivity tools, allowing access to all automatically updated apps and files from anywhere you have an internet connection, and allow you to view where your data is stored and who has access to it. If a device is stolen or locked, you can wipe all of your data remotely.

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