Cloud Solutions

A technology model that allows on-demand global access to services, software, networks, storage, and resources, rapidly over the internet. The Cloud is now more effective and cost competitive than ever before due to it’s security, accessibility, performance and scalability.


Cloud solution management from Partnered Solutions IT provides your organization an alternative to the traditional IT business model. Our cloud management services aim to reduce your organizations infrastructure through the combination of cloud based software products and technologies, remotely accessed on public, private or hybrid cloud environments. Whether you prefer to go with a public or private cloud environment, Partnered Solutions IT provides peace of mind, by ensuring all avenues available are considered and the correct deployment for your business is carried out efficiently and seen through to the end.

Cloud Services

Data Accessibility and Security

Access to applications, and files anywhere in the world, securely at lightspeeds with nothing more than an internet connection. Never again needing to worry about resource crunch due to insufficient RAM or drive space. The cloud removes the restrictions of traditional IT infrastructure, so applications are no longer locked onto devices or locations.


Low Entry Costs

Cloud computing removes the traditional infrastructure investment barriers that so often hold new businesses back, and slow growth. Because the cloud allows for the delivery of resources at lightspeed, with the ability to pick and choose what you need, organizations that realize and adopt cloud solutions are more agile and efficient.


Cloud based computing allows you to augment and optimize your business resources like storage and computing power on the fly as needed, without the traditionally large infrastructure investment. Cloud computing means flexibility, allowing you to better address specific business needs as they arise. It’s a crucial factor in helping your business grow and succeed.

Cloud Management

Partnered Solutions IT is here to optimize everything about life in the cloud. Allowing your organization to get optimum performance our of your existing cloud services, ensure you’re only paying for what you need making your entire cloud infrastructure run smarter, leaner and more efficiently.

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Cloud Environment

Thinking of making a move to the cloud, but not quite sure where to begin? We will help you plan the best path forward for your organization. We'll create a deployment plan, train your staff, and manage your Cloud Environment to ensure a smooth transition & continued access to your programs and data.

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Why waste valuable storage space on your PC or Server, when you can store your documents and backups in the cloud? Whether you're moving data to the cloud, shopping for a different provider, or looking for a hybrid cloud storage solution, we've got you covered. We'll help with management, implementation, and consultation.

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Edge Device

Mye Edge is a piece of hardware installed on-premises, connecting your files with the services you need to run your business. It is a solution that avoids the large expenses of upgrading servers, creeping cloud storage fees, and throwing away obsolete technology. Say hello to the future of cloud integrated edge computing!

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