Disaster Recovery

Is your data saved in more than one place?

If there's a disaster, redundancy keeps your business running.

Advances in technology have offered tons of different ways for businesses to run more efficiently and be more profitable, but this reliance on technology has a potential downside. What are you to do if critical parts of your network should fail? 

Disasters happen. Whether it’s a major disaster such as a fire, flood or robbery or a minor disaster like data corruption, malware or ransomware, the best way to mitigate the negative impact of an unforeseen event is proper planning BEFORE one occurs. It is no longer acceptable for businesses as usual to be suspended indefinitely as you work out a solution to your problem. Every additional hour that it takes to get everything back up and running is another hour that you are losing potential clients and paying employees who can’t work to their full potential. You need to have a solution ready and in place before anything fails if you want complete peace of mind. 

Having a disaster recovery plan for your data can make the difference between losing everything and simply dealing with a temporary hiccup.

Our managed backup service is designed to automatically backup your onsite data to an offsite location every day. This means that no matter what happens to your office, your data is safe and recoverable within hours -- not days. With this solution, you won’t miss a single day of business. Now that’s being prepared!

  • Business Cost Savings
    Hiring Partnered Solutions IT to set up your disaster recovery can save your business money in two ways. First, it allows you to focus on more crucial parts of running your company while resting assured that your data is safe. Second, a managed backup service is much more cost efficient than any other option in the event of data loss. Replacing lost data is often an expensive and lengthy process, and there is no guarantee of being able to recreate everything that was lost. 
  • Safeguard Business Information
    Our managed backup service provides nightly offsite replication of your data. This means that in the event of a disaster, you will be able to recover your data from the previous day. With some other services, you might lose as much as a week’s or even a month’s worth of data.
  • Ensure Business Continuity
    Replicate your most critical business applications so that those with the greatest impact on your day-to-day operations can be quickly accessed if your network goes down.
  • Increase Productivity and Decrease Downtime
    With our rapid restore abilities, we minimize the costs associated with lost productivity and downtime. If data loss causes your day-to-day operations to come to a screeching halt, it will cost you in both lost business and the wages you pay to employees who don’t have the capability to work efficiently.   
  • Total Peace of Mind
    The knowledge that your business data is in the hands of experts -- being secured and stored in a safe place -- means that you can focus on your business.

Offsite Storage of Business Data

We implement this as part of our managed backup service or as a stand-alone service to ensure that your most critical business data is always up to date, protected, and accessible.