Cloud Solutions

Providing regular backups, access from anywhere, and plenty of space.


Cloud solutions from Partnered Solutions IT give you an alternative to managing your network from traditional solutions such as in-house servers. We can run your email and your active directory on our servers, and you effectively rent their use for your purposes.

Our cloud services offerings give you an alternative way to managing your network and allow you peace of mind by providing you with security, accessibility, performance, and scalability.

Cloud Services

Data Accessibility and Security

Access files and work from anywhere without worrying about RAM or Hard Drive space being eaten up by data intensive programs.


Low Entry Costs

With cloud solutions from Partnered Solutions IT, you only need to pay for the services you want or need, when you want or need them. We have already covered the upfront costs associated with setting up servers.



Cloud-based servers can be updated by a simple call to Partnered Solutions IT. We cover the cost of buying, running and replacing servers and you only pay for the services you need.