Cloud Storage

Providing regular backups, access from anywhere, and plenty of space.


Know where your data is stored

As a locally owned and operated business, Partnered Solutions IT is proud to offer cloud storage solutions for all of your backup and redundancy needs. You can rest assured that your information is stored and protected here locally, and not in some unknown faraway locale. When you call us with questions or concerns, you'll reach one of our friendly and knowledgeable IT staff--no phone trees necessary.

Don't get caught in the cold

With cloud storage from Partnered Solutions IT, you'll get the right type of storage for your requirements with the flexibility to access your data as needed . Many other providers give you a low price only for cold storage--meaning that you'll be paying a steep fee whenever you need that data. You can trust us to safely guard your information, and make sure that your needs are being met at a fair price.

Stay away from cloud creep

It's not unusual--many businesses thought that the cloud was the best thing since sliced bread. It turns out that relying on the cloud to store files, email, software, and filesharing starts to get expensive, fast. It also means that if the internet goes down, there's no way to function normally or conduct business. Put these risks behind you! A hybrid storage environment is the way of the future--and we can help you get there now.

Advice from experts

Maybe you're unsure if the current Google, Azure, or Microsoft 365 Cloud Storage you have is right for your business. We've read the books and seen the movies--and we're glad to offer you our two cents on picking the right provider, given the amount of information you need to have stored. Not only that, we're happy to assist you in the implementation of the solution you choose. Give us a shout!

Need cloud storage?

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