Website Design & Development

Designing and Developing a high-end website that toes the line between aesthetic and function is one of the most important pieces of any business plan. Whether you are a long established business or an upstart looking to take the world by the horns, the first step is the same: creating a strong online presence! An online presence is not a choice but a necessity, and you owe it to yourself to do it right the first time!

Partnered Solutions IT along with the assistance of our sister firm, Ruby Porter Marketing + Design, has developed a winning strategy when it comes to website design and development. We start with:


What are the high level goals of your business? Who are your customers? Who is your perfect or target customer? What business trends should we be looking into? How do we best incorporate your Brand with the website? Should we go for more customer interaction or business information? All of these questions and more are researched and discussed, so we can come up with a Plan.


Now that we’ve done our research, it is time for a plan of action! How best to roll out the necessary elements of your new website while staying on schedule and keeping everyone participating in the project excited, energetic and on pace. This is why you work with a professional team like Partnered Solutions IT, and not some college undergrad working out of his mom’s kitchen. Not that that is a terrible place to be working… Heck Partnered Solutions IT got its start in a garage! For every website project we undertake, we ensure that our clients are kept up to date on the website’s progress and that all participants are aware of their responsibilities and time constraints by assigning a Project Manager. From our newly formed plan we then jump into Design.


The Design phase of website design and development is probably the most fun you’ll have in creating or re-vamping your business’s online presence. You will work with your very own designer to design the website of your dreams. As with all websites that Partnered Solutions IT creates, we begin with an eye toward Responsiveness. A responsive design ensures that your website looks immaculate on a desktop as well as on a tablet and mobile phone. Taking cues from websites you admire and some creative ideas of our own, we work up wireframes and mockups of your website based on the research and analysis we did in the prior steps. Your website is a story, will it be told by you, or by someone else? Let’s talk about that. Once a final design has been chosen the next step is Development.


Now that the design and functional elements of your website have been agreed to, it’s time to turn it over to our world class developers. I wish I could delve deeper into this phase of the process, but if I was a better coder I wouldn’t be writing this content for you now… So I guess it all works out in the end! Ultimately our developers, through the use of Java Script, HTML, CSS and on occasion PHP, code and create a functional website for you. Depending on the type of website your business needs, we use a number of content management systems, or CMS, like Craft, Expression Engine, WordPress and Magento 2. During the development phase, we load up early editions of your site onto our test server and let you play around and really get a feel for the site while we provide hands-on website training, live, face to face. After the website has been built out, we move to Launch and Training!


As we come nearer to launching your site and doing our final testing, we like to hold another pre-launch training session. This is to ensure that you are fully comfortable with the inner workings of your site and can make changes and updates to it as you see fit. Along with rigorous testing, Partnered Solutions IT works with you very closely in this last stretch to ensure we don’t drop the ball right before the final handoff. Here at Partnered Solutions IT, we believe that empowering our clients is the best business practice we can offer, so ensuring you are comfortable and confident in the use of your new website is paramount! Although, that isn’t to say we don’t offer continuing Support & Maintenance.

Continuing Support & Maintenance 

As with every home, car, bike or business, what once was perfect can quickly become tired or plain after a while. This is why we offer monthly hourly maintenance at a discount to all of our website clients as well as Online Marketing Campaigns that include monthly maintenance hours to be used in updating elements of your website. We’re going to create the website you’ve always wanted and more, but we’re also prepared for your tastes to change which is why our commitment to customer service is #1, and our attention to our clients’ needs takes precedent over all other facets of our business. If you’re not happy, how can we be?   

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

With so many websites to explore, we've all seen some that fill us with envy and awe and others we can't click away from fast enough. That said, our focus is on designing a site that is appropriate for its purpose – our goal isn’t to simply appease the business owner or create a piece of eye candy. Sometimes, despite our designer instincts, function overrides fashion. Contact our team so that we can help you make the best design choices for your business: 541.255.4980