Network & Application Security

Meeting audit and regulatory compliance requirements can easily become a daunting task. Most companies use software to conduct compliance audits that achieve a state of audit compliance. This in and of itself, however, is not enough. To assure quality and minimize risk, companies must achieve continuous audit compliance, or audit readiness. We provide a unified solution that integrates assessment, mitigation and protection into a complete compliance offering.


We provide vulnerability assessment and unified configuration across network devices, operating systems, mobile applications, databases, and web applications using a scalable, non-intrusive approach. We have the ability to customize our assessment to suit your policies, or we can import pre-built controls and reports. We monitor vulnerabilities as well as configuration compliance using non-intrusive scanning that provides automated notification of violations.


If computer controls or service levels are impacted by a network problem or intruder, we issue alerts to a specified user or group. This enables you to take immediate action in order to re-establish operational and security controls. Our solution adheres to broadly accepted industry standards and includes risk scoring. Our easily comprehensible reports are tailored to suit your business, customers, and auditing services.


This feature offers a unified, zero-day protection plan that is ideal for supplied security patches that do not yet exist for a specific operating system or application.