If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times, so one more time won’t hurt: content is king. Gone are the days when customers would call or visit a business to learn more about their products and services. Today, potential customers turn to your website to learn more about your company and whether they are interested in purchasing from you. Nothing will make a visitor hit the “back” button on their browser quicker than a website riddled with poor copy that has grammar and spelling errors and fails to provide the information the visitor needs. The copy on your website needs to be inviting, engaging and informative to move a visitor closer to becoming a customer. Is the copy on your website up to this crucial task?

Our Online Marketing Campaigns include copywriting for a blog, social media posts and landing pages.



Great blogs provide solutions to the problems most prominently facing a business’s ideal customers and become a great resource for issues related to their products and services. With most of our OMC packages, you’ll receive a monthly blog post written by our wonderful copywriters. A well maintained business blog helps build credibility with that company’s audience and improves their SEO. On the other hand, a seemingly abandoned blog that hasn’t received regular posts in a long time is a poor reflection on its company. 


Social Media Posts

Get weekly or bi-weekly posts to Facebook and another social network of your choice to keep your current customers engaged with your brand and attract new ones. Social media presents a unique opportunity to incorporate copy which humanizes your brand and sheds insight into the culture of your business. 


Landing Pages

Our copywriters will expertly craft content to inform and engage your target audience. After performing some keyword research, it’s time to fill your landing page with great copy that describes what your product or service is, what sets it apart from your competitors and why customers need it. We also adhere to SEO best practices such as the use of images, image alt text, Meta tags and descriptions, and H1 and H2 tags.