We are Information Technology

For over a decade, Partnered Solutions IT has provided businesses with tailor-made technology solutions which both protect and prepare them for the future. From small localized issues to full-blown network administration concerns and beyond, Partnered Solutions IT is the “go-to” company for all your tech needs. 

Starting Small

Getting our start working with small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s), we developed solutions to meet the demands of all types of offices and businesses. Whether you are looking for a simple Break and Fix solution, Fully Managed Services or a move to the Cloud, we’re here to work with you to find the solution that works best and makes the most sense for your business and budget.

We learned early on that SMB’s need to feel confident in our services and their hardware which is why we only recommend tested, trustworthy equipment and never mark up the products we source for our clients. Your hardware issues shouldn’t be a reoccurring source of stress even if that would ensure a steady stream of income for us. We didn’t get into this business to nickel and dime our clients, but to help other small businesses like ourselves reach their full potential. When your hardware and network are functioning properly, it instills a tangible sense of security and trust that is much more valuable to us as a business than simple band-aid fixes that don’t address the root of the issue. When you work with Partnered Solutions IT, we look at you as a new partner, and your success becomes our success. 

Going Big

When your organization’s network drops everything grinds to a halt, and every minute that ticks by is costing you money… A lot of money. Partnered Solutions IT’s mission is to bring fast, agile solutions to your organization so that downtime is a distant memory, necessary upgrades and changes come at the blink of the eye and scalability of your technology infrastructure is properly planned and carried out. We’ve put together a team of tech experts, tools, hardware and software to guide and manage an organizations entire IT infrastructure the right way. Efficiently and at a low cost.

Does your business have a capable, on-site IT professional on the payroll? If so, that’s not a problem. We’re happy to work with a business’s in-house IT techs. Heck, why do you think we chose the name Partnered Solutions IT? With our expertise, we ensure that your business has full access to new technology and every Managed IT Service available. Your on-site tech might be great at keeping your network printer up, but do they have the time to work up a 2-3 year growth plan for your infrastructure going forward? Do they have the time and knowledge to properly test new software, hardware and security systems to ensure your business stays in front of security vulnerabilities and on the cutting edge of tech? When Partnered Solutions IT works in conjunction with your in-house staff, all of this becomes easier to do. That’s the beauty of working with a professional team like Partnered Solutions IT! Let’s talk about everything we can do for your business from Fully Managed IT, cloud solutions, fail over security measures, custom line of business software development, security audits, as well as having disaster recovery fail-safes in place to get your business back up and running after an unforeseen incident in no time flat. 


Our Comprehensive Suite of Managed Services:

Development Services

Does your business need more than a simple “off the shelf” software solution? Our skilled developers can and will design and code custom applications and line of business software that your business needs. Minimize your costs and improve reliability with Partnered Solutions IT’s software as a service (SaaS), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, and Exchange hosting solutions.

Cloud Solutions

We have the hardware and tech experts to offer any organization exactly what they are looking for: reliable, scalable, and secure cloud hosting solutions that take the worry out of your hands so your organization can get back to serving its clientele and making money. Learn more about our Disaster Recovery capabilities, Fail Over Solutions and a whole host of other game changing cloud solutions.  

Security Audits

Partnered Solutions IT works with Medical, Dental, Government and a number of other organizational types that have stringent security compliance requirements that need not only be met, but continually assessed with actionable steps that must be taken. We provide a unified security solution that integrates assessments, mitigation and protection into a complete security audit compliance offering. We’ll show you that not only are we capable but thorough.

Managed Services

IT management and support is the name of the game and we’re winning. Our fast and agile IT managed services are built around solid investments in IT tools, skilled IT professionals, and IT infrastructure. When it comes to on-site support, on-site training, break and fix contracts, fully managed contracts, cloud based solutions, hardware and even managed print services you can’t go wrong with one of Partnered Solutions IT’s managed service packages.

Website Design and Development

Partnered Solutions IT, with the help of our sister site Ruby Porter Marketing & Design, has been creating immaculate, fully responsive websites for over 6 years. Creating a strong online presence starts with a website and you owe it to your business to do it right the first time. All the way from initial research to the launch and continuing support and maintenance, Partnered Solutions IT will ensure your website not only loads quickly, but is optimized for search engines (SEO), is responsive for excellent viewing on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones while matching the quality of products and services you offer. In this digital age, your website is your best salesperson, let’s ensure it has all the tools and functionality necessary for it to sell!

Digital Marketing

You may have a beautiful site that loads fast, is fully responsive and easy to use… But unless people can find it, it is doing nothing for you. Digital Marketing is no longer a question of, “Should I or shouldn’t I?” Digital Marketing is a must. Partnered Solutions IT offers a mix of digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) that no other competitor comes close to. Our proven strategies will not only get you to the 1st page of Google search results, but to the top. Through Social Media outreach and posts, monthly blogs, optimized imagery instead of stock images, insightful content, and backend optimization of tags, alt tags and data, our digital marketing campaigns will increase your site views, increase your outreach, and most importantly increase your ROI.

Do these issues plague your business?

  • Connectivity Issues: “Is anyone else’s internet down?” - We can fix that.
  • Regular Server Downtime: “I just restarted the server, and I still can’t check my email!” - We can fix that.
  • Management Struggles: “I made a work ticket like 2 hours ago, can someone call IT?” - We’re faster than that… A lot faster.
  • Too Reactive not Proactive: “Why isn’t our IT team ever ahead of us on noticing these issues?” - We’ve got you covered.
  • IT Budget Crunch: “We’re spending so much on IT, and I still have issues weekly!” -Let’s cut that cost and keep your network secure.
  • Slow Unresponsive Website: “It must take a full minute for this site to load, what gives!” –We can optimize that.
  • Poor Website Traffic: “We paid all this money for a beautiful site, but no one can find us!” –We’ll get you found.


If these examples hit a little too close to home or if you have any other concerns or questions, contact Partnered Solutions IT now! 541.255.4980