Rolling Checkpoints for Microsoft’s Hyper-V

January 06, 2016

By: Clyde Miller | Associate Director of Managed Services

As any long-time system admin or tech can tell you, backups and redundancy are vital. They make it possible to sleep without worry.

One thing that makes that easier is Microsoft’s Hyper-V. It’s a tool for creating virtual machines (VMs); these are computers that exist within software. This means you can copy and move them as files. One particularly nice thing that’s built into Hyper-V is the ability to make checkpoints for the VMs. These save the virtualized computer in exactly the state they were in when the checkpoint was created. It’s handy when installing new software or changing configurations as it gives you a point in time you can revert back to. So, if you were to get a virus, delete an important application, or misconfigure a new deployment, you can undo those things by applying the checkpoint.


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Why Skilled Programmers are a well-sought after commodity

November 06, 2014

I recently came across an article on Gizmodo; an article that in its name explains the importance of what we at Partnered Solutions IT do. “Windows 10 May Have Gotten Its Name Because of Lazy Coders,” is a well written piece, I highly recommend, about the naming of the new Windows Operating System (OS) and why we are seeing a jump from Windows 8 straight to Windows 10.

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