How it all began...

Robert Steck always knew that he wanted to run a technology company, but how his dream would unfold? No one knew. In college, Robert took his first step toward bigger and better things after being offered his first full-time tech job. He was hired on as a system administrator for an L.A. based dot-com startup that had a local office in Eugene, OR. It wasn’t long before he began to crave bigger and better things, so he moved on in the industry. Later, Robert was invited to purchase that very same company. He accepted the offer, and merged with another company.

Over the course of several years, Robert practiced varying business structures and grew in skill and expertise as he learned to navigate a new company of his own. Soon, Robert took the initiative to build a company entirely of his own. In 2011, this growth brought the company to its present name, Partnered Solutions IT. Our staff has been working together since early 2000 to give our clients continuity in service despite the changes. Funny thing is, some of our clients have been with us longer than we have.

So, what are we up to now?

At the end of 2012, it became apparent that Partnered Solutions IT had a great working relationship with one of our vendors and we decided it made sense for us to merge. Doing so allowed both companies to operate more efficiently and bring clients an even greater scope of services. Together Partnered Solutions IT and Ruby Porter Marketing + Design now offer clients a full array of marketing, branding, and IT services - a truly complete package. Learn more about Ruby Porter.