It's Time for the 2017 Partnered Solutions IT Gives Back Contest!

At Partnered Solutions IT, along with our sister company Ruby Porter Marketing & Design, we believe in giving back. We do this through participating in local community building activities and through our annual Give Back Contest.
This year marks our 6th annual Give Back Contest. Through this program, we invite people to nominate their favorite non-profit to win a $5,000 grand prize from Partnered Solutions IT. Ruby Porter is also taking nominations for a $5,000 grand prize of their own. 

What is our Give Back Program?

We believe in supporting non-profits who aspire to do great things. That’s why we launched our Give Back program 6 years ago. You can nominate your favorite non-profit to receive FREE services from us plus a $500 cash donation for a grand prize value of $5,000! Past winners include Sacramento Children's Museum, Greenhill Humane SocietyCASA of Lane County, Chef’s Night Out, and Cottage Theatre.

What's the Prize?

There are 3 components to the prize:

How Do I Nominate My Favorite Non-Profit?

If the non-profit you are nominating needs help with IT related services (i.e. managed IT, disaster recovery, security audits, etc.), please nominate them through this form

If the non-profit you are nominating needs help with marketing related services (i.e. digital marketing, website design, social media management, etc.), please nominate them through Ruby Porter’s website form

What Happens after Nominations?

We are accepting nominations until May 31 at which point the list of nominated non-profits will be whittled down internally to 3 finalists. All throughout the month of June, you will be able to vote for your favorite of the 3 finalists with the winner being announced in early July. Winners will need to decide by the end of July which services and hard costs they'd like to use. Work will be completed by the end of 2017 at our discretion and executed in the same manner and timeliness as all other production projects. 

The Terms and Conditions

We will provide the winning non-profit with services valued up to $4,000 (labor only), plus $500 of hard costs (must be purchased through us), plus a $500 cash donation for a total prize value of $5,000! The services can include managed IT services, security audits, disaster recovery, etc. All services exclude hard costs but the cash donation can be used to cover hard costs.

All hard costs (hosting, printing, hardware, software, etc.) must be purchased through us. The award of services will be done in the year 2017 at our discretion and executed in the same manner and timeliness as all other production projects. If the non-profit wants to receive only the $500 cash donation (without the services) please specify in your nomination.